David Gilmour has been critiquing Nick Mason's Saucer Full of Secrets Pink Floyd spin-off project.

The 76-year-old drummer has been touring with a supergroup including Guy Pratt, Lee Harris, Dom Beken and Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp to perform Pink Floyd's early material, and he's aware his former bandmate has been studying them from afar.

Nick admitted: ''David is definitely monitoring it. He's sent notes to Guy, suggestions about his singing or whatever.

''He's left me and my drumming alone, but he has done for the past 50 years.

''David and Roger [Waters] have both been very supportive.''

Nick is hopeful that David will join the group on stage one day in the future.

He told Planet Rock: ''Roger got up on-stage with us in New York last year and I hope David will do something as well in the future.''

Roger left Pink Floyd in 1985 and the group split in 1994, but reunited for Live 8 in 2005, and Nick admitted there were still tensions between them around the time of the one-off London performance.

Asked how surprised he was that Roger agreed to the performance, he said: ''Very. There were still all sorts of undercurrents on the day, but whatever differences we had, we proved we could still get together and do something for the greater good.

''This is the thing about reunions - and I'm sure it was the same for Led Zep - the money is a nice adjunct but you've got to really want to do it for the right reasons if you're going to tour again.''