David Gilmour's son has been banned from London during the upcoming Olympics after officials reportedly ruled he poses "too much of a threat" following his involvement in a riot during student protests in 2010.
The Pink Floyd rocker's adopted son Charlie was sentenced to 16 months behind bars for violent disorder for his part in a mass demonstration over a hike in university tuition fees.
He swung from a war memorial during the demo and also urged other protesters to attack the British capital's Houses of Parliament, but was released from prison in Norfolk, England in November (11) after serving just four months of his 16-month sentence.
Charlie Gilmour now claims he has been told by police and probation officials not to visit the U.K. capital during the summer (12) sporting extravaganza.
He tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "It's lucky I gave up my childhood dream of high-jumping for Britain because I am banned from staying in London during the Games.
"The Metropolitan Police and the probation service decided I pose too much of a threat, which shows how much faith they have in the rehabilitative powers of the British penal system. But it's not me they should be worried about. I've freed myself from the callous prison mentality quicker than most. I had a supportive family to help me back into normal life, and am fortunate in being able to go back to university.
"It's those who were torn from their homes last summer and who come out to see society doesn't have anything invested in them who should furrow the brows of our political leaders - but you can bet they won't spare them a moment's thought until it's too late, again."