David Gandy still calls Mollie King in the middle of the night.

The couple split up last month but the model has remained close to The Saturdays singer despite their ''painful'' separation.

He told more! magazine: ''We are still friends and I spoke to her at 4am in the morning the other day. We're too close not to talk.

''It was 10 months and she's a remarkable girl, everyone loves her. She's so vibrant and lovely to be around. Of course it's been painful and I miss her, but that's life.''

Despite their split, David hasn't ruled out a reconciliation in the future.

He added: ''It's never nice when a relationship ends. I think we've both been very mature about the situation and we both decided that our relationship was quite a lot about timing. This wasn't the right time so we both felt it was right to end it.

''But you never know about the future. Of course there's a chance for us, never say never.''

David recently admitted he had envisioned growing old with the 24-year-old blonde beauty.

He said recently: ''We'll be spending the next 40 years together.

''I can definitely see us lasting that long. We don't need to worry about the future.''