David Gandy admitted it was "unusual" for him not to be wearing make-up for his latest shoot.

The 41-year-old supermodel was instructed by a group of children during a photoshoot to promote children's smartwatch, Neo, which he claimed was the "strangest event of my fashion career".

In a behind-the-scenes clip, he said: "There was no actual make-up applied to my face, which I thought was a little bit unusual. I have to say, it was probably the strangest event of my fashion career."

Gandy - who became a father for the first time to daughter Matilda, whom he has with barrister Stephanie Mendoros, in 2018 -  was challenged to channel some of Disney's best-loved characters, including Elsa from 'Frozen' and Buzz Lightyear from the 'Toy Story' franchise.The shoot was led by eight-year-old photographer Lil' Jpeg, who Gandy quipped had "unconventional" methods.

He added: "My first impression of Lil' Jpeg ... His methods were a little bit unconventional. Before I met him, I thought the little part was ironic."

Neo is a new collaboration between Vodafone and Disney.

The brands joined forces to unveil the new smartwatch, which has new parent and guardian control features to give them peace of mind while also empowering and entertaining their children.

Parents can stay connected to their kids through calls, chats and emojis, while children can choose their own "sidekick" from a selection of familiar characters.

Gandy commented: “My daughter is growing up so quickly and as she gets older, I know she’ll want to explore the world around her. As technology is rapidly advancing, this of course means it will become part of her life and I want to empower her to do so safely whilst still staying connected with her. It’s therefore great to know I can look after her and also be a part of her journey. Neo is the perfect first step on a child’s tech journey, allowing both parents and kids to have fun together whilst giving your little one independence and peace of mind to parents.’

“The photoshoot was a great example of how much fun kids can have when they’re empowered to unlock their creativity  – it’s certainly a job I’ll never forget!”

Neo is available from £99 (plus £7 a month connectivity subscription fee), and is available to purchase at: eshop.v.vodafone.com