David Gandy's parents are buying him a washing machine for Christmas.

The model, who has appeared in the festive Marks and Spencer advert alongside Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, said he's not expecting anything too fancy under the tree on December 25.

He said: ''I think my mum and dad have promised me a washing machine and tumble dryer for Christmas, which doesn't sound very interesting to anyone else but I'll be ecstatic when that goes in.

''I like the build up to Christmas, you see the trees on the streets of London and the decorations down Oxford Street.

''The traditions and the anticipation of Christmas is sometimes better than the actual thing.''

Despite having one of the most envied physiques in the business, David admits he tucks into the chocolate tin and drinks like everyone else during the festive season.

He said: ''Guilty pleasures? Many. Everyone indulges at Christmas and then back to the gym on the 1st of January.

''But I think Christmas is a time, not just to indulge in food and drink, but indulge in dressing. It's a time for men to really wear things they maybe wouldn't have considered before and dress more exuberantly at events and when they see family and friends.''