David Gandy ''fell into fashion''.

The 33-year-old model was catapulted to the spotlight after his flatmate entered him into a modelling competition on British talk show 'This Morning', without his knowledge, and when David was just 21 he won a modelling contract with Select Model Management.

The hunk took on modelling jobs went he finished university thinking it could be ''an adventure'' and eventually cemented his name in the fashion industry.

He told shoe designer and friend, Natalia Barbieri, during an interview for Vogue magazine: ''I didn't know I wanted to go into fashion - I just kind of fell into fashion, I think, more than anything. That's [This Morning] how it started. We won the competition, from then I just finished university and then I thought me coming out of university could be bit of an adventure for a couple of years.

''I always said those first few years you and I [Natalia] observed the industry and thought there could be something to this and went from there. ''