David Gandy needs to be "discreet" on social media.

The 44-year-old model has Matilda, five, as well as two-year-old Tabitha, with Stephanie Mendoros and explained that he has to be "discreet" on public platforms like Instagram and Facebook because his significant other is a barrister and needs to "maintain discretion" for the sake of her career.

Speaking on Italian TV show 'Verissimo', he said: "We are discreet because that’s our choice. My partner is a barrister, a very high-up lawyer, so she is very clever and powerful.

"Within her job, she needs to maintain discretion, and that’s how we are as a family, so you won’t see any of us on social media."

David noted that it might seem "a bit strange" to others that he doesn't share family pictures online but insisted that he and Stephanie had already enjoyed a showbiz lifestyle before they became parents.

He said: "I could talk a lot about her and our children, but you will probably very rarely see a picture of us. That’s just the way we decided to do it. I know it might seem a bit strange in many ways.

"Before the children, she came to experience my life, my job, and what I get to do on sets and at events around the world.

"We had a lot of fun together, but as soon as we had kids, we decided to be very, very private."

But David spoke about his home life with his partner and daughters and joked that he often gets "picked on" by the girls because he is the only man in the house, but is a "very hands-on dad" and is happy to share the day-to-day duties with Stephanie rather than turn to childcare.

He said: "Matilde is five and a half, and Tabitha is two and a half. I am the only man in the house; even the dog is a girl. I feel like I get picked on by the girls. "I am a very hands-on dad. My wife or I would do a school run each day, me in the morning and her in the afternoon, or vice versa.

"We cook together, walk the dog together, and do bedtime together. I think my children are the greatest, best people on earth. I adore them and think they are the funniest people.

"I see a lot of people who seem to want a lot of childcare and nannies and don’t see their children that much, but my children come everywhere with us, and we do everything together.

"I am very hands-on. We live in front of a park in London, and we take the dog and go find frogs and squirrels. We go swimming in the sea and in the pool. I am a very active father.