David Gandy has no idea what's in fashion.

The male model has admitted he doesn't follow trends and prefers to wear clothes that are comfortable and make him feel good.

He wrote in a piece for The Telegraph: ''I'm often asked what is on trend or in fashion and what should never be worn. The truth is, I simply don't know. This may sound strange, but I don't believe in trends. If something looks good to you and you're comfortable and confident wearing it, then that's all that matters.''

David, 34, enjoys experimenting with different looks and would never dream of criticising someone else's personal style.

He said: ''Just because someone doesn't like what someone else is wearing doesn't mean it's wrong. There are items of clothing that I would personally never wear, but it doesn't mean other people shouldn't. Diversity is what makes fashion interesting.''

The handsome star says his distaste of dictating what's in style comes from one memorable incident when his double denim ensemble was branded a faux-pas, only for the trend to become the height of fashion a few months later.

He recalled: ''Many years ago I went to a fashion meeting wearing jeans and a denim shirt. The look on the faces of the people in the meeting was of one of horror. 'You never wear double denim!' they told me, in no uncertain terms.

''A month later, Ralph Lauren showed a range that was based around the idea of double denim and, after that, people couldn't get enough of it.''