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27th February 2017

Fact: Elton John's 25th annual Academy Awards viewing party raised $7 million (£5.6 million) for his AIDS Foundation. The event, hosted by Elton and his husband David Furnish at Los Angeles' West Hollywood Park on Sunday (26Feb17), was attended by stars including, Ava DuVernay, Caitlyn Jenner, Ciara, Laverne Cox, Lea Michele, Seth MACFarlane, Sharon Stone, Smokey Robinson, Ruby Rose and Vanessa Hudgens.

17th December 2014

Fact: Sir Elton John's representative has confirmed reports suggesting the rocker is set to marry longtime partner David Furnish this weekend (20-21Dec14). The couple, parents to sons Zachary, three, and Elijah, one, was rumoured to be planning to exchange vows in front of 50 of its closest friends and family members at its home in Windsor, England on Sunday (21Dec14) after more than 21 years together. John and Furnish entered into a civil partnership in 2005, but same sex marriage legislation was only passed in the U.K. last week (10Dec14).

15th August 2013

Fact: Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish are moving into the bar business by launching a posh Champagne lounge at the Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas. The venue will launch in autumn (13).

18th June 2013

Quote: "We've just started a search for the person to play young Elton and then we have some ideas for who's gonna play grown-up Elton." Movie producer David Furnish on casting developments for his partner Sir Elton John's biopic, which is set to hit cinemas at the end of 2014.

25th March 2013

Fact: Sir Elton John will spend his 66th birthday on Monday (25Mar13) at home in California with his partner David Furnish and their two young sons.

26th February 2013

Fact: Celebrities at Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish's Oscars Viewing Party on Sunday (24Feb13) helped the couple raise $6 million (£3.8 million) for Hiv/Aids research. Dozens of celebrities were on hand to watch the awards ceremony telecast and participate in a lively auction, among them rockers Steven Tyler, Bono and Dave Grohl.

28th January 2013

Quote: "We read him storybooks about new baby brothers and being a big brother. We introduced the subject of the new baby and explained, in simple terms, what was happening." Sir Elton John reveals how he and his partner David Furnish prepared their eldest son Zachary for the arrival of his sibling Elijah, who was born earlier this month (Jan13).

27th February 2012

Fact: Sir Elton John and David Furnish's Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday (26Feb12) raised $5.25 million (Gbp3.3 million) for the fight against Hiv/Aids. Dozens of celebrities were on hand to watch the Oscars telecast and participate in a lively auction, among them Steven Tyler, Quincy Jones, Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus and Smokey Robinson.

11th April 2011

Fact: Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish threw a star-studded party in New York last week (ends10Apr11) to say goodbye to friends in the U.S. as they prepare to leave America and spend the summer (11) in London. Guests included Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Glee star Matthew Morrison.

2nd April 2011

Fact: Sir Elton John's partner David Furnish has gone under the needle in honour of his new son Zachary, who was born via a surrogate in December (10). The film producer has had the tot's name tattooed on the inside of his right forearm.

1st April 2011

Quote: "I don't go to parties. I don't like parties very much. I don't drink, so they're not much fun. I used to love parties but now I like to stay home and just be with David and be with the little boy." Teetotal Sir Elton John prefers a quiet night in with his partner David Furnish now they are parents.

17th February 2011

Quote: "I so value my own childhood now, and the sense of wonder and personal discovery that I enjoyed, that we want to give Zachary - as much as we possibly can - the same thing. A solid old-fashioned childhood, if you like. So we don't intend to spoil him - we're going to try to give him a fun, carefree time of innocence, freedom, love and stability." SIR Elton John on his plans for bringing up son ZACHARY with partner David Furnish.

18th January 2011

Quote: "Elton is an only child, and in the past he's said... 'I wished I'd had a brother or a sister.' But we're taking it one day at a time. This is a big change in our life. We have to see how we cope and adapt with one child before we even consider a second." SIR Elton John's partner David Furnish is adamant they aren't thinking about expanding their family just yet after welcoming a baby son at Christmas (10).

18th January 2011

Quote: "The fact he was born on the 25th (of December). I mean, my birthday is the 25th (of March), David's is the 25th (of October) and now Zachary's is the 25th. He couldn't have been born on a better day, really." SIR Elton John is convinced his new son's birthday is lucky because of the numerical connection with the superstar and his partner David Furnish.

5th January 2011

Tweet: "Had great chat with Elton and David and I was right - they ARE absurdly happy. They'll be terrific parents." Broadcaster Piers Morgan describes new dads SIR Elton John and David Furnish's glee after spotting the pair in a Los Angeles restaurant.

30th December 2010

Quote: "A friend gave us a book of baby names, and we started to flick through it, but we have always loved the name Zachary and kept coming back to it. In the end, we looked at each other, and put the book back on shelf, and said, "This is it!'" SIR Elton John reveals how he and partner David Furnish decided on the name for their new son.

28th December 2010

Tweet: "Big congrats to David & Elton on their baby. Great way to start the year..." Actress/novelist Jackie Collins send her wishes to SIR Elton John and partner David Furnish on their new surrogate son, who was born on Christmas day (25Dec10).

7th July 2010

Quote: "My greatest achievement in life was getting sober and clean because I was a real mess... It paved the way for me to have a relationship with a person I love because I'd never have been able to have one in that state of mind and being so immature." SIR Elton John's decision to give up drink and drugs allowed him to find love with partner David Furnish.

26th December 2009

Quote: "Elton's on the Academy Awards committee and I'm on the BAFTA committee, we get sent DVD screeners of all the latest films that have come out - so we spend a lot of time watching those." David Furnish and SIR Elton John spend the holidays watching movies.

24th December 2009

Quote: "We have a one present rule. And in the desire to make Christmas as simple and hassle-free as possible, we spend the year looking. The thing with Elton is he doesn't have a wish list, so if he sees something he likes, then he usually goes and buys it for himself. I have to get there before he does and snap it up before he does." David Furnish has real problems finding presents for his partner SIR Elton John.

16th December 2009

Quote: "We don't give presents to each other for the day, we exchange cards instead. It's a very special day to us, but I really think written words on a card are the best present you can give." David Furnish and his husband SIR Elton John have their own simple tradition when it comes to celebrating the anniversary of their civil partnership.

21st November 2008

Quote: "It seems incredible to me that I'm turning 60. Where has the time gone? People ask me how I've managed to stay relatively young and fresh-looking - I take care of myself." British singer Lulu - who celebrated her 60th birthday bash in London on Thursday night (20Nov08) with friends including SIR Elton John and his partner David Furnish.

18th January 2008

Fact: SIR Elton John and husband David Furnish have toured the HIV/AIDS projects funded by the ROCKET MAN's Aids Foundation charity ahead of his concerts in Johannesburg on Friday (18Jan08) and Saturday (19Jan08).

30th October 2007

Fact: Supermodel Naomi Campbell helped SIR Elton John's partner David Furnish celebrate his 45th birthday in Las Vegas on Friday night (26Oct07) - she was a special guest at the producer's party at gay nightclub Krave. John joined the bash after performing at Caesar's Palace.

3rd January 2007

Fact: Doctor Who star David Tennant and British DEAL OR NO DEAL host NOEL EDMONDS are celebrating after being included in this year's (07) edition of Who's Who, which lists noteworthy and influential people. Also featured are SIR Elton John and David Furnish in a new gay marriages section.

21st September 2006

Fact: SIR Elton John and David Furnish will celebrate the first anniversary of their civil partnership in December in Venice, Italy.

30th March 2006

Quote: "Married life is great. We hadn't expected the level of contentment." David Furnish gushes about his marital bliss with SIR Elton John.

6th January 2006

Fact: <p>Newlyweds SIR Elton John and David Furnish are having such a good time on their honeymoon in Venice, Italy, they've extended their stay at exclusive Hotel Danieli. </p>

22nd December 2005

Fact: <p>Ben and Jerry's ice-cream employees LISA DALE and PHILIPPA MARSHALL served up a special treat at SIR Elton John and David Furnish's Windsor, England wedding yesterday (21DEC05) - the girls presented the gay couple with an apple and vanilla ice-cream cake as they left the registry office. </p>

21st December 2005

Fact: <p>Former BOYZONE singer Stephen Gately has organised a hot-air balloon flight for SIR Elton John and David Furnish as a wedding gift. The pair will exchange vows at a civil union ceremony in Windsor, England, later today (21DEC05). </p>

29th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I must admit I do enjoy actually going to football matches, sitting next to the director's box with the other wives." David Furnish is happy to accompany partner SIR Elton John to support his favourite UK soccer team Watford FC. </p>

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