Review of Songs For The Road Album by David Ford

David Ford
Songs For The Road
Album Review

Following high profile support slots for the likes of Richard Ashcroft and Suzanne Vega, David Ford has gained quite a cult following which could see him join the Premiership of singer-songwriter types like James Morrison and David Gray.

Songs For The Road is aimed firmly at that demographic, with MOR ballads dominating, albeit with varying degrees of success. 'Go To Hell' is notable in its subversion of the Blunt-esque love ballads that are so popular, but otherwise it's business as usual.

'Decimate' carries on in a similar fashion, catchy and adept enough, but rather toothless, and 'I'm Alright Now' is the kind of maudlin pseudo-torch song that there are far too many of already.

Overall, it's a disappointing album, with moments of inspiration, like the squonky harmonica blues of 'Train', as rare as the proverbial rocking horse poo. Approach with caution.

David Ford Songs For The Road Album

Ben Davis

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