Attention Scully and Mulder fans: something awesome is coming. Maybe. As you may have heard, Fox TV is under new management and that management is looking to resurrect some old favourites. Network co-CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman told TV reporters at Saturday’s press tour that they’re in early talks to bring back The X-Files and they’d resurrect Prison Break “in a heartbeat,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

David DuchovniGillian Anderson
Could we see our favourite paranormal investigators since the Scooby gang reunited?


The rumours have been circulating for a while, but nothing has been confirmed so far. Even Walden’s announcement was far from a definitive answer and right now, the status of the X-Files revival seems to be “in talks”.

“It’s been reported and it’s true that we’ve had some conversations on the ‘The X-Files,’” Newman said about the Chris Carter-created sci-fi drama that capped off a nine-season run in 2002. Yes, it's been almost 13 years since The X-Files. Where did the time go?

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No answer on whether Gillian Anderson (Crisis, The Fall) and David Duchovny (Californication) would be able to return either, although an X-Files revival sans Mulder and Scully is pretty much unimaginable.

Walden and Newman kept their answers vague, however, limiting their answers to: “We are hopeful of being able to bring that back at some point.”

No news on the status of the potential Prison Break revival either. Fingers crossed, 90s kids.