The Marrakesh Express hitmaker claims he was open to a CSNY reunion but fears Young was never on board - and the comments he made about the romance which ended the rocker's marriage torpedoed any hopes of a get together.

Crosby tells, "I apologised to Neil right away for it, publicly, on Howard Stern's show, but people's expectation is I handed Neil a perfect excuse not to do CSNY.

"The truth is he wasn't gonna do CSNY. He used the excuse but truthfully he wasn't gonna... I'm not surprised by it at all. Neil had a plan. He had his solo record ready. He joined CSNY as part of a plan. He was never a band member in his mind. It was a stepping stone. Then we went out and played live and it turned out to be fantastic. It got to be a very risk-taking, very brave band. It was pretty amazing and I think he liked that.

"At that point there was chemistry and a reason to be CSNY. Now I don't think he has an intention of doing it... If it happens, fine. I'll be there immediately. I like the guy and I think his music is terrific and I would work with him in a second."