David Crosby has never had a "more fulfilling work relationship" than the one he has with his son.

The Byrds legend - who formed the iconic group in 1964 and later formed Crosby, Stills and Nash before working with the likes of Neil Young - insisted teaming up with his son James Raymond on 2014's 'Croz' and beyond has been incredibly rewarding.

He told Classic Rock Magazine: "I've never enjoyed a more fulfilling working relationship with anyone other than my son, James, but I've come close.

"The relationship I have with Michael League is very good. When he produces my other band, the Lighthouse Band, the chemistry's really excellent.

"And I've obviously had good chemistry with other people in the past: Roger [McGuinn], Chris [Hillman], Gene [Clark] and Michael [Clarke] in The Byrds; CSN and CSNY, great chemistry, really good."

And while Crosby acknowledged that he isn't on great terms with Graham Nash anymore, he knows they created magic together.

He added: "Nash and I don't get along now, but credit where it's due, man, he's a great harmony singer and we did a lot of really good work."

Still, for Crosby everything comes back to his son - who was placed for adoption when he was a baby and reunited with his father as an adult - and he praised him as a co-producer and co-writer.

He said: "Some of the four-part things I've done recently with Becca [Stevens], Michelle [Willis] and Michael League in the Lighthouse Road band are really incredible, but I don't think I've ever had better chemistry than with James, and frankly, man, he's matured.

"I thought he was terrific when I met him, but on this record ['For The Free'], I think he's as good a writer as I am, if not better."