David Copperfield has blasted a woman suing him for sexual assault - calling her lawsuit "extortion for money".
A 22-year-old fashion model filed a federal lawsuit against Copperfield, alleging the magician sexually assaulted and threatened her when she stayed on his private island in July 2007, according to legal documents obtained by the Seattle Times.
The unidentified woman claims that after watching a film in Copperfield's room, he "attacked and sexually assaulted her" and threatened to kill her if she resisted.
She also maintains Copperfield assaulted her twice more before she was able to leave the island and report the alleged assaults to authorities in Seattle, Washington.
But Copperfield's lawyers have released a statement defending the star, and dismissing the model's suit as a bid for financial gain.
It reads, "This woman, who filed the lawsuit, has a history of lying... She has lied to law enforcement before and, as a result, had innocent people arrested based on a false accusation. She is incapable of telling the truth.
"This lawsuit is extortion for money, plain and simple. Unfortunately, false claims like this only hurt the women who really have been abused, women who really need our help."