Former teen heart-throb David Cassidy is delighted to be compared to new pin-up Zac Efron.
Cassidy shot to fame as an actor on hit TV show The Partridge Family and later went on to launch a highly successful pop career, with his boyish looks making him a poster boy for young girls everywhere.
And Efron, who has found stardom through the High School Musical franchise, is now being hailed as a teen icon in the same league as Cassidy.
Cassidy says, "In the States they have been comparing me to Zac for a while now, I'm very flattered by the comparison - although I'm not too sure Zac would be. There might be some physical similarity - people often referred to me as androgynous-looking and I had a lot of gay fans."
And the former teen star has passed on his advice to the 21-year-old: "All I can say to Zac is that as long as he does good work, doesn't lose his mind and stays grounded as a human being, he'll be fine. He'd better fasten his seatbelt - it's going to be a bumpy ride."