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The decision of CBS to axe the most popular of the CSI's shows hasn't gone down well here in the UK. There were so many unfinished story lines enough for at least another season, shame on CBS they should have axed both CSI New York and CSI Investigations and kept our favourite CSI Miami which according to polls had the most viewers world wide. It's obvious those bum brains at CBS don't appreciate a good thing when it's going, and have ignored the comments of the most important people us fans. We after all are the people who keep CBS productions at the top. You DC were CSI Miami and are greatly missed, but I, like thousands who support you on twitter wish you everything that you wish for your self which you so rightly deserve, and I know that you really do appreciate us followers. You are one lovely human being. Luv Suzzy. x

Posted 9 years 11 months ago by suzette.mizen

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I am so pissed because they have shut down your show, you are one of the best actors on tv right now. I am so outraged at CBS. They should have cut CSI New York, they will loose me as a faithful watcher. I will not watch CBS at all if they go through with this. I go to college so I watch all my shows on on demand, so they would not have known that me and many others like me would not have been tuned in that night. But I watch the show each week. Carla Hunter

Posted 10 years 12 months ago by buckwheat

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