One of David Carradine's close martial artist pals has linked the actor's bizarre death to that of Kung Fu icon Bruce Lee.
What was first considered a suicide and then reportedly ruled an accident has now sparked debate following claims the Kill Bill star's hands were tied before he was hanged in the closet of a hotel suite in Bangkok, Thailand.
And Frank Krueger, who stared alongside the 72 year old in Break, feels sure a secret Kung Fu sect, keen to silence Carradine, murdered his friend.
Krueger, who is a martial arts practitioner, insists the same sect was probably responsible for the death of Lee.
He tells, "There have always been stories of martial arts societies that kill those that threaten their secrecy. One of the widely held theories about Bruce Lee's death was that he was killed by one of these groups for teaching martial arts secrets."
Krueger insists he never had a conversation with Carradine about the killer sects, but admits reports his pal was out to expose leaders were true: "He wanted to stand up to crime families that threatened him back in the 70s.
"He carried himself with a large martial arts presence and from his story it was clear that he was pretty fearless when dealing with groups of that nature.
"I can't say whether or not David was killed for uncovering a secret society or not, but, as a martial artist, I think it would be a legendary end to an extraordinary life. Like Bruce Lee, mystery often surrounds the death of the great ones... It is not inconceivable to me that there could be an ancient society that currently existed that might cause harm to others."