Anderson has spent the last five years looking into the Kill Bill star's passing and she has updated her findings in the re-release of her book, Eye of the Tornado.

She tells WENN there would have been no investigation were it not for an odd correspondence from someone linking Carradine's auto-erotic asphyxiation death in a Bangkok, Thailand hotel room with a similar mystery.

She says, "This total stranger, who tracked me from the Internet, sent me an article about this other man in Thailand who died under mysterious circumstances, just like David.

"The physicality was very much how David looked. I'm thinking, 'Could this be a serial killer?', because of the similar circumstances; they look alike and they're both noted people. This other (dead) man was a member of the Apollo navigation team with NASA; he was a former official at NASA. It was shocking to me to see the similarity in the face alone.

"Then a mutual friend of ours, who lives in Toronto, said he talked to David a few weeks before he went to Thailand and David made some flip comment: 'Yeah, if I ever get back', which we always thought was strange for him to say."

She adds, "I thought David was murdered for theft (sic) but then a source told me there wasn't anything missing; money and everything was accounted for. But there's still no accounting for the watch he had that was really expensive. Also the autopsy pictures showed a clear markation (sic) around his throat, which you don't get with this kind of an act.

"The file is now closed in Thailand and in that file is the surveillance footage which never made it to the States. I don't think that they would ever release it now... I'm hoping that this new book will shed light on something and maybe somebody will come forward with more information that might prompt officials to reopen the file."