David Carradine's ex-wife has denied his death was "sexual".

Gail Jensen - the third of Carradine's five wives - admits the 72-year-old actor had "strange" bondage habits, but insists he never strangled himself to enhance his sexual pleasure while he was with her.

She told a US TV interviewer: "David was pretty strange. He would like to get tied up. He would tie himself up and I would walk in and see him and say, 'Oh my God, David, you got to be kidding me' and I would turn around and walk out.

"I would leave him to his own devices. He liked to be tied up. And he could tie himself up. He spent days planning different scenarios. He would go to a hardware store and buy the stuff but it was never sexual and he never choked himself."

The 'Kill Bill' star was found hanging in the wardrobe of a Bangkok hotel room last Thursday (04.06.09). He was naked and had a rope tied around his neck, wrists, and genitals.

Thai authorities initially ruled his death a suicide.

However, a number of theories have surfaced including one which suggests the actor was experimenting with autoerotic asphyxiation, a sexual practice where people deprive themselves of oxygen to enhance orgasm.

His family have claimed Carradine was "assassinated" by a secret kung fu sect, because he was trying to expose their underworld activities.

Marina Anderson - Carradine's fourth wife - has dismissed murder claims, saying the actor often took part in "potentially deadly" kinky sex acts.

Carradine's family has reportedly asked the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to send special agents from the US to Thailand to look into the case.

Thai police Major General Amnuay Nimmano has agreed to assist American forces with their investigations.

He said: "If the FBI wants to get involved, we will do our best to cooperate. We have nothing to hide."

Carradine's body arrived back in Los Angeles yesterday (08.06.09). A second autopsy will be performed before his remains are laid to rest.

The results of the initial Thai autopsy are expected to be released within three weeks.