Actor David Carradine's gravestone features lyrics to a song he wrote and dubs the Kill Bill star 'The Barefoot Legend'.
The Kung Fu star was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles after his mysterious June (09) death in Thailand - and there are big questions being raised about what features on his grave.
U.S. tabloid the Globe features a photo of the gravestone, which reads, 'DAVID CARRADINE aka JOHN ARTHUR CARRADINE 1936 - 2009 THE BAREFOOT LEGEND'.
The marker also lists Carradine's achievements and includes the lyrics to a song he wrote.
The words read, "I'm looking for a place where the dogs don't bite and children don't cry and everything always goes right and brothers don't fight."
The actor was found hanging naked with a shoelace tied around his neck in a Bangkok hotel room on 4 June (09).