An enigma to the last, a David Bowie return was always likely to be done in a way that would take the music industry completely by surprise, no matter how big his profile is. In these days where everyone takes their turn to make a comeback, it was getting to the stage where he was the only artist left to do so. As he celebrated his birthday today (January 8, 2013) though that all changed. A new song ‘Where Are We Now?’ has appeared on Bowie’s website, and a new album is expected for March.

He’s hoodwinked us all; back in October of last year The Daily Mail claimed that the man once known as Ziggy Stardust was a recluse, reportedly turning down a request to appear at the Olympics closing ceremony and not having written a song since 2003 (when he released his last album Reality). Turns out they were wrong however. Bowie has been working with his long-time producer Tony Visconti to ready his first album in a decade, already available for pre-order on iTunes – according to USA Today – and titled The Next Day. The album artwork is the same as on Bowie’s “Heroes” album, though with a white square and the words ‘The Next Day’ pasted over the top in black; does this mean that this is continuation of his critically famous Berlin Trilogy of Low, “Heroes” and Lodger, released 1977 to 1979?

The track itself offers some clues, with German references littered in, and a haunting video that recalls Bowie’s time spent in Berlin. Aside from the sheer elation echoing around Twitter this morning, there is some discussion as to who the woman joining Bowie in his video is. Beyond that, can we also surmise that he will in fact be making an appearance at Glastonbury this year? There’s going to be a lot of smug ticket holders if so. Check out ‘Where Are We Now?’ on Bowie’s website.