Rock legend David Bowie was so plagued by his "hereditary" depression during the Eighties he nearly packed in music for good.

The veteran LIFE ON MARS hero spent much of the decade recovering from his years of alcohol and narcotic abuse and found it difficult to maintain any enthusiasm for his business with a clear head.

David explains, "The '80s were very strange for me. I lost all interest in what I was doing. I was doing exceptionally well commercially but I didn't understand why I was enjoying none of it.

"I hated every minute of it and I lost every ounce of energy and enthusiasm for the deal. There were several times when I was really going to throw in the towel and give it up."

The DIAMOND DOGS star continues, "Maybe I was in recovery from all the drugs and booze that I had done. I was in a very bad psychological state and as near to defeat as at any time in my life - and there I was, having really big albums and tours.

"I felt all so empty and none of it meant anything to me. It was depression, it is not unknown to my family."

26/10/2003 11:04