Was David Bowie one of the 47,000 people that have already purchased a ticket to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s tributary exhibition to him? Probably not but rumour has it the rock legend may still pop along to the museum to see exactly how the curators have decided to interpret his life-story. The exhibition opens today (March 20, 2013) and a record number of people have already bought tickets to see the Bowie memorabilia on display.

One of the museum’s curators, Victoria Broakes, told The Telegraph that she was hopeful that Bowie’s passion for visiting museums and – of course – the pertinent content of this particular exhibition will prompt his curiosity to get the better of him. “We don't know of any plans he has to come to the exhibition,” said the curator. “But we know he visits lots of museums, and is very interested in museums, so I can't help but feel he's going to be interested in how we have told the story here, so I hope he will come.” Although Bowie had no direct involvement in the creation of the exhibition, or its content, the V&A were given access to his private collection so that they could include items that have not been seen before by the public, including hand-written lyrics, sketches and photographs.

Bowie, 66, recently made a surprise comeback with his album The Next Day, which was released last week. “He's a pioneer not just in music but also in stage shows, in what he wears, he's always been personally and actively involved in everything that he creates,” Broakes commented. 

David Bowie
David Bowie, pictured here in London. Will he attend the Bowie exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum?