David Bowie and Gary Oldman in a video together sounds like the thing of dreams to us, so good on you Dave for only going and making it a reality. The Hollywood actor stars with Bowie in his latest video from comeback album, The Next Day, and it goes with the album's title track. 

Watch David Bowis' 'The Next Day Video' here!

The scene depicts a somewhat perverse scene in which various men of the cloth - including Oldman - enjoy the company of some rather riqsquely dressed women in a seedy bar. Bowie's there, singing away and looking remarkably like a divine figure, which sort of gets explained at the end of the video. 

In a video that's perhaps NSFW, it goes a little wrong for the woman Oldman's with as she suddenly starts bleeding out of her hands. There's a reason for this though because, lo' and behold, she comes back up again with the stigmata on her hands and with what looks like a crown of thorns on her haid - like Jesus basically. "This is your doing, you call yourself a prophet!?" Oldman shouts angrily at Bowie who just continues to groove away pretty unfussed by the whole thing. Does any of this make any sense? Not really.