When Duncan Jones confirmed the world’s worst fears that his father, David Bowie, had passed away on January, 10 he said he would be remaining offline for a while as he came to terms with his tragic loss. However, Duncan has now broken his hiatus to share a poignant thank you letter written to his father from a Welsh doctor a week after his death.

David BowieThe iconic David Bowie passed away from cancer earlier this month

Duncan returned to social media to post a link to an emotional note palliative care doctor, Dr Mark Taubert wrote praising the iconic singer as an inspiration to millions battling life-ending illnesses.

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In his note, Dr Taubert wrote to the Let’s Dance singer: "I am a palliative care doctor and what you have done in the time surrounding your death has had a profound effect on me and many people I work with.

"For me, the fact that your gentle death at home coincided so closely with the release of your album, with its goodbye message, in my mind I unlikely to be a coincidence.

David Bowie tributeTributes to the late, great Bowie on his Hollywood Walk of Fame

"All of this was carefully planned to become a work of death art.

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"The video for Lazarus is very deep and many of the scenes will mean different things to us all; for me it is about dealing with the past when you are faced with inevitable death."

Dr Taubert’s tribute is one of many that have been paid to the artist who has been deeply mourned all over the world since his passing.