David Bowie’s Blackstar vinyl contains more hidden secrets in its artwork, according to sleeve designer Jonathan Barnbook.

Earlier this year, fans discovered that if they left the vinyl sleeve exposed to sunlight, the artwork transformed to reveal a galaxy of stars.

But speaking to Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6 Music, Barnbrook said there are even more surprises and hidden messages in the artwork for fans to discover.

David BowieThere are more secrets to be discovered on Bowie's Blackstar vinyl

“There are a number of black stars on the album, it’s not just the five on the front – and they do symbolise different things in life,” he said.

“For instance, there’s the rosette that looks a little bit like a price ticket; this is still a commercial product, you still buy it.”

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“There’s the guiding star; that idea of person you follow in your life, the idea of something spiritual that music gives you,” he continued.

“There are a lot of other things going on that aren’t completely at the surface, but I do hope people see them – not necessarily straight away.”

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When asked whether the artwork transforming in sunlight was intentional, Barnbrook said: “I don’t want to say yes or no on that one, because there’s actually a few other things as well.

"This thing of keeping the meaning open, I think is better. There’s one big thing which people haven’t discovered yet. Let’s just say, if people find it, they find it. If they don’t, they don’t.”