Here’s a Sunday treat for you: David Bowie has a new song out. Now this is Bowie we’re talking out, so get ready for some weird here. It’s a seven-minute jazz thing. No joke. Bowie premiered the track on Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour. Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) will feature on Bowie's upcoming compilation album Nothing Has Changed, alongside a number of his greatest hits and unreleased tracks.

David Bowie
A 7-minute jazz track? Why the hell not?


The album has a scheduled release date of November 17 in the UK and on November 18 in the US. Earlier this week, he released the sleeves for the album, featuring himself, back turned to the camera and looking into a mirror. Speaking to NME, designer Jonathan Barnbrook explained why he chose the motif of Bowie looking into a mirror. He said: "The theme of Bowie looking in the mirror was a strong enough ‘archetype’ to provide an immediately identifiable visual link but make it clear this was a collection of songs through the experience of one person's life, not necessarily a specific concept or period of time as albums tend to be."

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But you hardcore fans (and anyone else, really) can enjoy the song right now, via the seven-minute-long youtube video up on Bowie’s official youtube channel.