David Bowie left the majority of his $100 million fortune to his wife Iman and two children Duncan and Alexandria. The New York Post reports that the music legend left roughly half of his fortune to his wife of 24 years, model Iman, along with the couple’s Manhattan apartment.

David Bowie and ImanDavid Bowie divided his estate between his wife Iman and two children.

The rest of Bowie’s estate is to be divided between his two children Duncan Jones and Alexandria Jones, who will receive 25 percent each. Bowie also left $2 million to his longtime personal assistant Corinne Schwab as well as shares he owned in a company called Oppossum Inc. He also gifted $1 million to Marion Skene, Alexandria's nanny.

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The documents, obtained by the New York Post also show the singer’s specific directions as to what to do with his ashes.

"I direct that my executors shall arrange for my remains to be taken to the country of Bali and to be cremated there in accordance with the Buddhist rituals of Bali,” Bowie wrote.

“If that is not practical, then I direct that my executors shall arrange for my remains to be cremated and my ashes scattered in Bali.” The 20-page documented was signed and dated August 25, 2004.

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Bowie is also said to have left behind a long list of unreleased material, which is reportedly set for release in the coming years. A source told Newsweek earlier this month that Bowie had a long list of unscheduled musical releases he planned before his death, with the first of these said to be scheduled for 2017.