David Bowie has delivered a Christmas greeting in the style of Elvis Presley.

The rock icon's seasonal message to fans - during which he did an impression of the late legend - was recorded in the US, but he explained ''this time of year'' helps him remember his British roots.

Speaking on 'This Is Radio Clash' on BBC Radio 6 Music yesterday (26.12.13), he thanked fans for their support and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

He said: ''Hello everybody, this is David Bowie making a telephone call from the US of A.

''At this time of the year I can't help but remember my British-ness and all the jolly British folk, so here's to you and have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you very much.''

It was recently revealed record producer Chris Wright snubbed David early in his career and used to ''pretend to be out'' when he turned up at their offices asking to be signed.

Chris said: ''David Bowie was in our Oxford Street office, in London, all the time, often pleading for money to go and make demos.

''He'd come in with his wife, Angie, who appeared to wear the trousers. Our receptionist would ring around - but we would all pretend to be out!

''Thankfully we did agree to take 25% of his publishing rights until 70 years after his death. We missed out on signing one of the greatest recording artists of all time but at least he helped our publishing wing get off to a brilliant start.''