David Bowie and Iman go on dates to keep the romance alive.

The music icon and model got married in 1992 and have a 12-year-old daughter Lexi, but still manage to find time to retain their early spark.

Iman said: ''We have dates, you know - we'll go to a museum, then we'll have a long lunch. That's what's interesting, that's what's exciting.''

Despite their hectic careers and family lives, the 57-year-old mother insisted it isn't difficult to sustain their romance after just over a decade of marriage.

She explained to The Sunday Times newspaper's Style magazine: ''First, you fancy each other - that doesn't go. It might take different forms, but he's good company. He's funny, he's engaging, he's whip-smart, he's interested in diverse things. It keeps on evolving - it doesn't stay sedentary.''

Iman and the 'Where Are We Now?' hitmaker make sure Lexi isn't exposed to the darker sides of their fame and fortune, with the couple keeping their work and home life separate.

The model explained: ''She doesn't know it yet. There are no pictures of me in working mode at home, because home is home - the office has that. She didn't even know for a long time I was a model, she only knew I had a cosmetics company.

''It's the same with her father. When we walk outside, she sees how people react, but at home he's just dad to her. But nobody has lied about their past. It's an open book: if she wants to discuss it, it will be discussed.''