David Bowie's return to music earlier this week took just about everyone by shock, with the musical icon giving us full details into his next release and a shiny new single/video to go with it.

There's still one detail that Bowie forgot to clear up though, and its been nagging everyone all week: will he be going on tour? The answer, at first, was no. His producer on The Next Day and long time collaborator Tony Visconti was quizzed about the Starman's current standing point with hitting the road by NME, and he said quit simply that Bowie has had enough of touring and it is doubtful that we'd see him on stage in the near future playing songs from his upcoming album. Then, Bowe's guitarist Earl Slick revealed to Ultimate Classic Rock that he and the rest of the band want nothing more than to bring the work of Bowie back on stage for the first time in over six years - things were looking promising.

And now, things are looking even more promising as Visconti has come forward again, this time talking to The Telegraph, and saying that in fact, Bowie may be open to performing again. Ok, he did say that a tour is pretty much off the cards, but still, a show or two might be just what the doctor ordered to get David dreaming of being back on stage. Visconti said: "He doesn’t want to tour any more. He’s had enough of it. But he hasn’t ruled out that he might do a show."

Maybe it's wishful thinking - to say that he'll end up on the road again - and it probably is, but stranger things have happened. Visconti did also reveal that The Next Day won't be the last of Bowie's albums, exciting fans further, when he told the paper: "We recorded 29 titles. We have at least four finished songs that could start the next album."

The Next Day will be released in the UK on March 11.