A crowdfunding campaign has been launched with the aim of installing a permanent memorial to the late music icon David Bowie in his native Brixton, just streets away from where he was born.

The planned memorial will consist of a three-storey (nine-metre) replication of the thunderbolt that adorns the front cover of his 1973 album Aladdin Sane. It is proposed to be located in Tunstall Road, directly adjacent to the famous mural to which fans flocked immediately following his death 13 months ago.

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Outlining the project via its official crowdfunding page, its creators state: “Just as an otherworldly David Bowie landed in our lives, the memorial (is it too soon to call it the ZiggyZag?) stands embedded in the Brixton pavement – a three storey tall bolt from above.”

“A nine metre missive from another dimension, hurled from afar. Unexplained, yet utterly familiar; a poignant reminder that life does exist beyond the everyday. That music and art and curiosity are vital, positive contributors to our collective existence.”

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The project aims to raise £1 million in the next 28 days, having already gained approval from Lambeth council, for the huge memorial which will be located over the road from the Brixton underground station.

The design team behind the project is This Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll, an organisation already famous for having established the ‘Brixton pound’ in 2009, launched to help local businesses and whose £10 note features an image of Bowie.

“This is an incredibly exciting moment,” community figurehead Binki Taylor said. “There has been a huge amount of work going into this behind the scenes, and we are delighted to have developed the plans in consultation with David Bowie’s team in London and New York. It’s a spectacular and very fitting tribute, in Brixton where the star was born.”

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