David Bowie, Marion Cotillard & Gary Oldman in The Next Day

A Week in Videos… Gary Oldman AND David Bowie in one video? It’s happened, with the Thin White Duke revealing his controversial new video for his comeback album’s title-track, The Next Day. There’s plenty of blasphemous imagery going about, with Marion Cotillard's character receiving the stigmata on her hands and Bowie himself looking like Jesus Christ, as various decrepit clergy men enjoy a sleazy bar with all the ill-reputed sorts that usually occupy such a place. See what you think.

Vampire Weekend’s new album’s pretty great and this single off it is pretty great too. This is just the lyric video so not too much happens visually however, it gives you a chance to hear one of the lead tracks from their album Modern Vampires In The City. With the anticipation surrounding that album's release, and the generally decent feedback given to the album so far, it is expected that the band will perform particularly well on the album charts.

How do we all feel about Passion Pit putting out singles off an album that came out in the middle of last year still? Pretty non-plussed? Thought so. Anyway, given the electro group sold plenty of Gossamer, we’d be surprised if most of you hadn’t heard ‘Cry Like A Ghost’ by now. If you haven’t then ponder this as you listen; how is it technically possible for ghosts to even cry?

Asaf Avidan has been a big star in his native Israel for some time now, but it’s only recently he’s managed to capture the attention of the rest of Europe and he looks set to turn heads further with this new single off his debut solo album Different Pulses. This is ‘Love It Or Leave It’ and it features rather a lot of solo nudity.

Another looking to make a bigger impression across in the West is Australian singer-songwriter Lenka, who has already had muted US chart success, but hasn’t yet cracked it fully. Could ‘Heart To The Party’ be it? Hard to tell, it’s certainly very wistful, and contains plenty of face paint, so if those are the two pre-requisites for success then she’s on her way. It worked for her countryman Gotye didn’t it?

Low - The Invisible Way Album Cover

This Week in reviews… 10 albums in but it would appear that Low aren’t done in dealing with the sublime yet. Bringing in Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on production duties has aided the group on their new LP The Invisible Way, and our man James Hopkins reckons “Even though there aren't any tracks that jump out or any moments that will stay with you, Low aren't that kind of band, it is the experience of listening to the gentle lull that makes 'The Invisible Way' a welcome addition to an impressive discography.”

Live At Leeds contained the chance to catch some of the UK and beyond’s biggest up and coming stars as the all-dayer took place across multiple venues in the northern city. A particular highlight was Manchester group Dutch Uncles, with our reviewer critiquing “The danceable beats and toe-tapping rhythms are all very Talking Heads, though it's certainly no bad thing and with Flexxin' they offered an early contender for single of the year.”

Jenny Lewis and her old band Rilo Kiley have released Rkives, a collection of lesser-known tracks that have taken three years to emerge from the archives and work in effect as a post-mortem for the band’s career. Does it do the job? Jim Pusey thinks so, writing in his 9/10 review: “It stands shoulder to shoulder with the best moments of Rilo Kiley's back catalogue without feeling like an afterthought.”

Wild Nothing are ‘nothing’ if not prolific, with Empty Estate EP following up last year’s LP Nocturne. However just because Jack Tatum’s chucking out material left right and centre doesn’t mean he’s lacking on the quality control – at least not in Dom Gourlay’s eyes. He writes: “The dye is cast, the bar raised to impeccably dizzy heights. Where Jack Tatum and Wild Nothing head next is anyone's guess, but for now 'Empty Estate' is a welcome experimental diversion into pastures new.

Daft Punk

This Week in News... We’ve been waiting for it for years, then all of a sudden it was flung on us quite unexpectedly. Daft Punks long awaited new album Random Access Memories was leaked on Monday (May 13, 2013) causing the French duo to stream it from iTunes soon after. Our thoughts? Erm, great if you’re planning on sitting around in a hotel lounge for an hour or so.

Not sure what effect Katy Perry thought gyrating against Mick Jagger’s body would have on a man the wrong side of 70, but then he does still talk the talk in his songs so we suppose he might possibly be able to walk the walk still. Limp the limp anyway. Perry joined the Rolling Stones on stage in Las Vegas during a rendition of their 1978 song ‘Beast Of Burden’.

Lil Wayne’s been in the news for various things recently, but the most prominent has been the rapper’s on going seizures, which have been a source of concern for his fans. In an interview, Wheezy admitted that he doesn’t know what really happens when goes into them but did say they were severe enough for him to consider quitting rapping.