Glorified stuntman David Blaine has finished his latest bout of standing around until the point of exhaustion and starvation. The man who once decided to hang out in a transparent box held above the River Thames in London to prove .. something... has just come out of 72 hours standing on a 20ft-high platform surrounded by an artificial lightning storm that crackled between million-volt Tesla coils. So that he wouldn't come into contact with the electricity, Blaine wore a 20lb chain-mail suit, which meant he could do pretty cool looking things like shooting arcs of lightning out of his hands in unison to music that was playing in the background.

Blaine, who put on the stunt after thinking up an image of him standing at the centre of a giant plasma globe in New York City - we've all been there - was fed water through a tube so that he didn't suffer from dehydration, and relieved himself through a catheter. By not eating it meant he wouldn't have to defecate, which meant that 'all' he had to do was stand about and stay awake for three days.

Talking to his fans, Blaine commented "This is my last endurance stunt that I'm ever going to do. But I look forward to everything. Love you." Unable to walk on his own when being freed from the chain mail, he was wheeled to an ambulance to get his health checked. "I feel like taking a nice long nap, after my shower," he said to reporters. How long, David? We sense another stunt idea coming on.