David Beckham thinks the royal baby should be called David.

The ex-soccer player believes Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - who are expected to welcome their first child any day now - will make ''amazing parents'' and admits he'd be over the moon if they named the newborn after him.

Speaking to Sky News, he said: ''David's pretty good ... if it's a boy of course.''

David - who attended Prince William and Duchess Catherine's wedding in 2011 with his wife Victoria Beckham - has given his full support to the couple and says the prince will be an excellent role model for his new arrival.

He explained: ''They're going to be amazing parents because they are so loving towards children.

''We've seen William grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman. And that as a father is really important.''

Peter Phillips - the cousin of William - previously said he can't wait for the royal arrival because it will mean his two daughters, Savannah, two, and 16-month-old Isla, will have a playmate.

He said: ''First and foremost, everyone is ecstatic for both. They will make great parents and it's great to be able to welcome another child into the family, if not from a selfish perspective for my two girls to be able to grow up with a playmate.''