Prepare for your heart to melt people; David Beckham's youngest son Cruz has released his very own song for Christmas entitled 'If Everyday Was Christmas' and it's way too adorable. He's like a British Justin Bieber if the latter had charm and a cute speech impediment.

David Beckham with Cruz and RomeoDavid Beckham with sons Cruz and Romeo

Cruz is about to conquer the charts with his debut Christmas single, which debuted on Capital FM today (December 7th 2016). His father posted a video on Instagram of the kid reacting to his own radio appearance before heading off to school. He looked equal parts excited, proud and shy. What makes this even better is that the Beckham family won't receive a dime from this first release, as all proceeds from the single's sale will go to the UK young persons' charity Make Some Noise.

Brooklyn is releasing a photography book, Romeo is showing an interest in modelling and now Cruz Beckham has followed in his mother's footsteps (the Spice Girls days) by embarking on his very first musical venture. The 11-year-old crooner has signed with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, which only seems appropriate after David shared a video clip of him doing a cover of Bieber's 'Home to Mama' in the studio a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled for the up and coming star. Piers Morgan made his feelings known on 'Good Morning Britain', and insisted that he should be attending school rather than embarking on a music career. Even though he's doing both of those things. 'He's an 11-year-old child being cynically pimped out by his famous parents with your collusion. Be proud Scooter!' He fired at Scooter Braun on Twitter, to which the music mogul replied: 'How about you match him dollar for dollar to the charity? Instead of criticizing step up and help these kids the way Cruz is.'

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The single is now available to buy on iTunes.