David Beckham is pleased he scrapped his acting ambitions.

The 39-year-old retired sports star was previously said to have been receiving acting tips from his friend Tom Cruise, but he now admits he'd never be able to reach a good enough standard to become a Hollywood star.

Speaking at the BAFTA Awards at London's Royal Opera House, he is quoted by the Metro newspaper as saying: ''I have done a few things over the last 15 years, but nothing of these standards. I will keep it at that, I think.''

Beckham also revealed that despite being a huge name in his own right, he still gets starstruck.

He explained: ''I do get excited. I just bumped into Benedict [Cumberbatch]. He's a great guy. I have met him a few times over the last six months. It's great to be here and see so many talented people.''

Beckham - who has kids Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 12, Cruz, nine, and three-year-old Harper with his wife Victoria - also revealed his film tastes have had to evolve since becoming a dad.

He told Radio 1's Newsbeat: ''Well the majority of films we've watched for the last fifteen years have been kids films.

''But we've watched the odd errr ... I was going to say adult movie, obviously not, but not kids movies ...

'''Paddington', 'Lego Movie', me and Victoria watched 'The Theory of Everything' with Eddie [Redmayne] in it, he's unbelievable.''