It seems that even a high-flying, internationally-recognised and regularly-awarded fashion career does not guarantee people will like your style more than your husband’s as former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham recently found out.

David and Victoria BeckhamDavid and Victoria Beckham came third and ninth in a poll of the most stylish Brits of all time

In a recent poll of the most stylish Brits ever, Posh Spice was bumped into ninth place with her footballer husband, David, riding high in third.

Becks was one of only three men in the survey commissioned for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 6 and received an impressive 17% of the votes.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s icon Audrey Hepburn took the top spot with Princess Diana stealing into second. Diana’s daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, was not far behind coming in fourth with a somewhat older royal, Queen Elizabeth I, sitting at number six.

Fashionista Twiggy took fifth, with Mr Bond, Sean Connery and singing sensation David Bowie at seven and eight and leading the way for Mrs Beckham to take her ninth place position.

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However, Victoria’s unusually lowly place was not the most controversial as model Kate Moss, who has often been described as at the forefront of fashion for the last two decades, only just made it in at number ten.

Despite this perhaps unsettling result for Vicky B, it’s quite possible that as she looks across to her incredibly handsome husband and surveys her expanding fashion empire, she may not be that bothered after all.