LATEST: British celebrity couple VICTORIA and David Beckham's marriage has come under attack from their former nanny again - she has slammed the soccer superstar's comments that he "respects women" as a "complete lie".

On Friday (29APR05), a London judge ruled ABBIE GIBSON should not be barred from repeating revelations she made about the state of the Beckham's union to UK newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD last Sunday (24APR05).

And now Gibson has hit out at the Real Madrid ace in today's (01MAY05) edition of the publication for claiming he treats women with respect.

Gibson blasts Beckham as a serial cheat, and backs up the claims of his personal assistant Rebecca Loos and beautician DANIELLE HEATH, who both last year (04) alleged they'd enjoyed an affair with him.

Gibson tells the News Of The World, "He showed no respect to Victoria when he cheated on her with Rebecca Loos, and no respect to Rebecca when he cheated with her and then denied it.

"He showed no respect for Danielle Heath when he seduced her, had oral sex with her, then cast her aside - denying anything had happened between them.

"He showed no respect to me when he tried to get me to help cover up what he did.

"And if cheating on your wife when she is pregnant and calling her a 'f**king bitch' is David's way of showing her respect, I feel very sorry for Victoria."

Gibson worked for the Beckhams at their home from August 2003 until she quit last month (APR05).

01/05/2005 14:43