Rapper David Banner has appealed to fans for financial help as he puts the finishing touches to his new, insisting recruiting highly-sought after collaborators Chris Brown and Lil Wayne "ain't cheap".
The hip-hop star/producer is having trouble funding Sex, Drugs & Video Games, which features Brown and Lil Wayne tracks, and he has composed a personal plea on his official website.
Banner writes, "The goal of Sex, Drugs & Video Games is to show the world urban music is still valuable. And how am I going to do that? Well, I'm glad you asked. I need 2 million of you to download this free independent album on May 22nd, then I need the same 2 million of you to donate at least $1 to the movement, but feel free to donate more!
"And what's the 'movement' you may ask? The 2m1 Movement Is To Start Controlling Our Own Music, Movies, And Content... Period! We Are Not Simply Characters In A Video Game being controlled by the invisible hand (of record label executives)."
He adds, "Hell, even if you don't like me, at least support the movement, because that's what this is all really about. (But, this joint is jamming!) I spent a great deal of my own money on this project, so I know you can spend at least $1. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne ain't cheap."