The soothing tones of David Attenborough could make just about anything sound better, but add him to the game that’s taking over all our lives, Pokemon GO, and you get a match made in heaven. Attenborough is of course famed for his wildlife documentaries, but a new viral video has shown that his narration works just as well when observing the pocket sized creatures.

Created by Lovin’ Dublin, the video mashed together audio from Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries with video footage of Pokemon Go being played. “Hunting animals need hunting ground and that inevitably brings them into contact with humanity,” Attenborough begins.

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As a Spearow appears on screen Attenborough tells us that “it is, of course, a bird.” Speaking about a Charmander, he gives a little history, informing us that “until human beings devised weapons for themselves, this was the most powerful killer on earth. The top predator”

Describing a Zubat Attenborough says, “Bats, with their fluttering zigzag flight are not easy targets.” But after the player manages to capture one he comments, “That is one bat that will not return to the roost tonight.”

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Since the release of Pokemon GO this month the interactive mobile game appears to have taken over the world. In the game players search for Pokemon in real-world settings and even see nearby ones appear on their screens in front of them. Locations also serve as Poke Stops and Pokemon Gyms, where nearby players can battle each other to earn points.