Sir David Attenborough has spoken out about the result of the Brexit referendum, saying that the situation is a “mess” and that the decision should have been left to MPs in Westminster.

The 90 year old TV naturalist made the controversial comments in a wide-ranging interview with the Radio Times published on Monday (October 31st), saying that the vote from 17.4 million British citizens that caused the 52%-48% margin of victory back in June should never have been entrusted to the public.

David AttenboroughSir David Attenborough made the controversial remarks in an interview with the Radio Times

“There's confusion, isn't there, between populism and parliamentary democracy,” he reflected. “I mean, that's why we're in the mess we are with Brexit, is it not? Do we really want to live by this kind of referendum?”

He added: “What we mean by parliamentary democracy is surely that we find someone we respect who we think is probably wiser than we are, who is prepared to take the responsibility of pondering difficult things and then trust him – or her – to vote on our behalf.”

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Citing Ken Clarke’s recent book where he said if people were asked whether they’d want a National Gallery or a funfair, they’d vote for a funfair, and also Michael Gove’s pro-Leave campaign claim that people were tired of experts, the TV personality bemoaned the lack of trust in people who know what they’re talking about.

“That's why politicians getting up and saying, 'We've had enough of experts' is so catastrophic,” he said.

Previously, Attenborough has been rather more restrained when speaking about the referendum, describing the vote as an opportunity to do the right thing when it comes to the environment and British farming, and hoping that wiser decisions would be taken.

“Like it or not Brexit has happened,” he said in September. “All agriculture and environment treaties for nature and wildlife will have to be rethought. It's a great opportunity to refine the legislation to match our part of the world.” His latest documentary series, ‘Planet Earth II’, is due to start on the BBC this Sunday (November 6th).

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