David Arquette has been treating his 'Dancing With The Stars' partner to "ice cream and massages".

The 'Scream 4' actor - who split from estranged wife Courteney Cox last October and is now dating news reporter Christina McLarty - likes to "lift the spirits" of his professional partner Kym Johnson behind the scenes of the show.

He said: "I like treats and doing things to lift people's spirits. We've had ice cream and massages, little parties.

Kym added: "He took us on a little field trip - we went to Universal [Studios, Hollywood], we went to your house for barbecue, he cooked ribs for us."

Meanwhile, David - who has a seven-year-old daughter, Coco, with Courteney - is also producing a new NBC show alongside his estranged wife, which documents a tale "similar" to the former couple's own relationship.

He told 'Access Hollywood': "It's called 'Ten Years.' Courtney and I are producing it with our company. It's based on the writer's experience and our experience of being separated, and what that's like. It's a lot of communication.

"It's similar in that this writer was separated and had a child, and had to sort of work it out with his ex, and figure out how they could maintain a relationship and be really great parents."