Heavy metal hero Dave Mustaine has credited Christianity for turning his life around and making him realise he was "a weasel".
The Megadeth star admits he wasn't a very nice person before he found God and he's keen to make amends for all his wrongs.
He says, "Once I changed my life I thought, 'If anybody needed to become a Christian it was me because I was so bad.
"I really am enjoying who I'm discovering myself to be. I don't really know what the future has in store for me but it's a hell of a lot different than it was.
"I'm sure glad I didn't give up because there were some years where I just felt like the entire world was just disgusted with me. There were a lot of times when I thought the music business would be better off without me and I should go to peeling onions for a living!"
Mustaine reveals he has spent years apologising to the people he has wronged and now only wishes his ex-wife could forgive him.
He tells WENN, "The only person that I really have any problems with anymore is my ex-wife. I love her and we're friends but that's the only thing in my entire world that upsets me; I couldn't bury the hatchet with her.
"Everybody else in my life, I've been able to work things out. I had the most amazing years being married and it's a big change for me being single now."