MEGADEATH singer-guitarist Dave Mustaine has shunned the hard-partying that goes with life on the road and devoted himself to his yoga practice. The 45-year-old decided to look after his health after falling asleep in a chair in 2002 and damaging the nerves in his left arm so badly that doctors predicted he'd never play guitar again. He explains, "I do yoga, a lot of yoga. I'm doing a lot of healthy things - which I know seems like a dichotomy, for a rock star to be taking care of himself." After his arm injury, Mustaine embarked on a regimen of physical therapy and electronic nerve stimulation to prevent his muscles from atrophying. He's back in top form and feeling better than ever thanks to his new clean-living lifestyle. He adds, "I can look at my arms right now and know that one is a little smaller than the other, but I'm really the only one that can tell, besides the doctor."