Rocker Dave Matthews has to keep his distance from his herd of pet goats - because they constantly urinate on their own faces.

The South African-born star loves raising the domestic animals but he'll never be able to get used to their unique stench.

He says, "They're filthy animals... They stick their heads between their legs and they pee on their faces, and then it makes them smell really strong.

"Lady goats, it gets 'em real riled up. They get real fired up. They stick their tongues out. It's like goat's sexual signs.

"This one dirty goat had a blister on the tip of his tongue, but my mom touched this goat on the top of the head and I said, 'Don't!' She said later she was driving her car and she was like, 'What is that smell?' She realised (she picked up the smell) just from touching the dirty goat on top of his dirty head."

21/02/2005 09:41