Nirvana fans across the globe have banded together in celebration this month to celebrate two decades of the grunge rock group's final album, In Utero, which was released on the 13rd September 1993. To commemorate the occasion, the surviving band members have released In Utero: 20th Anniversary Edition, a reissue of their highly influential 1993 release.

Dave Grohl Kris Novoselic
Dave Grohl & Krist Novoselic Remained Close After Nirvana.

The LP reissue comprises of a three-CD album, a 89-track set that includes a DVD, a 56-page book and a poster. The DVD consists of long-awaited live footage from Nirvana's 13th December 1993 Seattle "Live and Loud" show and will be available to purchase on its own.

Listen To Nirvana's 'Forgotten Tune' [Song Starts At 20s]:

The live material features the band's final touring line-up, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic in a show on their home turf widely seen as pivotal.

Amongst the tracklisting sits 'Forgotten Tune,' a song that is exactly that, long forgotten. The 2-minute instrumental jam and pretty raw; it's not likely to make the radio anytime soon but will give avid fans something to chew.

Kurt Cobain Figure
Nirvana's Legacy Lives On Through Their Ardent Fans.

"'Forgotten Tune,' we found it and were like, what is this song? And I don't really remember," Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic tells NPR. "And [we were], like, what do you want to call it? And I'm like, I don't want to give it a name, so let's just call it 'Forgotten Tune' and let people make up their own minds what it is."

Pat Smear
Pat Smear Features On The 1993 Live DVD.

Fans in Seattle who bought the 20th Anniversary reissue were treated to free tattoos of the band's iconic smiley-tongue face courtesy of Silver Platters in the SoDo neighbourhood on Tuesday, reports SeattlePi. Mike Batt, the owner of the parlour said that new releases are sometimes accompanied by stickers, posters or lithographs but he called on two NY tattooists to mark the special occasion in a more permanent way.