Taylor Hawkins has defended his bandmate Dave Grohl after it was suggested that he is the controlling member of the Foo Fighters.

Grohl has been fronting the massively-successful rock band since stepping from behind the drumkit in his days with rock legends Nirvana.

Hawkins claimed that Grohl – who has garnered a reputation as one of the most affable men in rock – simply has very high standards that propel the band.

"He tells me what to do but we work off each other as well. He's a drummer first and foremost. He's become a great singer and songwriter but he's a drummer first," Hawkins told the NME.

"When we're working together on music, not only do you have one drummer's ideas but you have two of them coming from totally different places."

Grohl recently fulfilled an ambition when he played drums for Paul McCartney at the Grammy Awards.

He has previously claimed that his dream job as a drummer would be to play with Led Zeppelin.

17/02/2009 11:24:13