More than 1,000 musicians came together in a field close to the northern city of Cesena to play Foo Fighters track Learn to Fly in unison in a bid to convince the rockers to perform in the region.

A film of the stunt went viral and prompted Grohl to record a video message in Italian in which he promised to bring his band to Cesena, and now organiser Fabio Zaffagnini has revealed he was left in tears after watching the singer's clip.

He tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "Yeah, I started crying like a baby. I'm not an emotional person, but so much went into it... I thought it was a joke when I first saw it (Grohl's video). When I realised it was him, I started crying again! I don't cry often, but it's been very hard to contain the emotions I've had... I've been completely overwhelmed by everything. I feel very proud and I would like to thank everyone that gave us a hand. This is something that could be life changing for all of us."