Dave Grohl thinks social networking websites are a "waste of time".

The Foo Fighters rocker insists he will never get a page on micro blogging website Twitter as he doesn't understand the point of it.

He blasted: "F**k Twitter! That's the biggest waste of time. If people got their head out of their a*s, they might f**king get out and accomplish something."

Dave isn't the only celebrity to complain about Twitter.

Kanye West - who frequently blogs on his website -says using the website would make his life worse.

He ranted: "I don't have a f**king Twitter . . . Why would I use Twitter??? I only blog five percent of what I'm up to in the first place. . . Everything that Twitter offers I need less of."

'Fool's Gold' actor Matthew Mcconaughey has previously said he doesn't know why he would want to alert the world to his movements by using the site.

He said: "I mean, I'm letting her know, but I'd also be letting like 25,000 other people know that I'm available at the same time. That would kind of suck."